Batch Control Systems from Standard Pump

Batch Control Systems, Standard Pump STANDARD PUMP's Batch Control Systems are engineered to control, measure and dispense any volume of liquid from drums, IBCs, plating tanks and any large storage vessel. They can be used in any industry where batching, chemical packaging or dilution is required to be accurate and efficient.

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Simply enter the desired volume of liquid with the directional arrows. Press ENTER and the Batch Control System engages the motor, dispenses the required volume, then stops the motor to complete the process.


  • Accuracy within 0.5%. Meter employs "Teach In" calibration or preset "K factors" for various specific gravities. No more estimating or using floor scales to properly measure corrosive chemicals.

  • Safety operator does not come in contact with corrosive chemicals. No more drum tilting with fork lifts, measurement with buckets or pails. Control transfer of highly corrosive liquids from your storage container to a mixing tank or process line.

  • Memory Save up to 7 preset volumes in the Automatic Batch memory or change each batch in the Manual Batch setting.

  • Versatility

    1. Displays volume units in gallons, Imperial gallons, liters, milliliters or cubic meters.

    2. Displays flow rate in gallons, Imperial gallons, liters, milliliters or cubic meters per minute, second, or hour.

    3. Language can be displayed in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish, as desired.

    4. Available in PP or PVDF for complete chemical compatibility.

    5. Available with standard pump tube lengths of 27" (700 mm) carboys, 39" (1000 mm) drums, 47" (1200 mm) tanks, 60" (1500 mm) IBCs and 72" (1600 mm) large storage vessels

    6. Batch Controller operates on 120V or 220V power.

    7. Batch Control Motors are available in TEFC or ODP for any corrosive environment. Both 60 Hz and 50 Hz motors are available.

  • Efficient system operates up to 25 GPM. Faster transfer and measurement of liquid increases productivity and lowers downtime.

  • Quick connection 1" hose barb or 1" NPT thread for ease in hose change or quick disconnect setup.

Batch Control Systems, Standard Pump TECHNICAL DATA

  • Maximum temperature 175F (80C)

  • Maximum flow 25 GPM (95 l/min)

  • Suction dimension 1.63" (41 mm)

  • Maximum specific gravity 1.89

  • Maximum viscosity 1,500 cps

  • Discharge dimension 1" (25.4 mm) hose barb or NPT thread

Warning: When pumping flammable or combustible liquids pump tube must be used in conjunction with an explosion proof motor.